Help Wanted.

While I’m sure a house could be built with sticks alone, they are much more functional, sturdy and attractive when you add other materials. For the same reason we are now seeking people who would like to contribute to our cause. If you feel like you would be a good fit, or simply want to help however you can, please take a moment and fill out this short form below so we can get in touch.

We currently are in need of:

Trades people, engineers, investors, public relations specialists, accountants, or other such people with talents to fill roles first as advisers then potentially fill seats on our Board of Directors.

Web Development Technicians




Every good building starts with a solid foundation. This might be considered ours. I’ve always wanted to help those less fortunate rise above their current situations, but I’ve always been limited by what I could personally spare to make it happen. I know there are public programs and other non-profit organizations out there, but they rely heavily on donations and grants from the State. Instead, I want to create a Free Market solution to the socio-economic problems plaguing our nation. I’ve tried doing this through commerce before but I couldn’t garner enough interest in the product we were selling to be profitable let alone have enough surplus that we could fund our charitable operation. This time I’m going to make a go at providing a valuable service to my community, one that is in high demand and community oriented, Commercial/Residential Maintenance.

I’ve always been rather good at fixing things, and I’ve made a career for myself in the commercial maintenance field. In the spring of 2018 the company that I had been working for went out of business and it was time to find a new job, but I didn’t want a “job”. I wanted something more satisfying, and rewarding. I wanted to do something that I could be proud of all the while still being able to pay my bills. Thus I began working on Screw Loose? .

My goals for this organization are to  A) to provide job training and entry level experience in a variety of trade fields to homeless/almost homeless veteran and non-veteran peoples while providing quality services for our clients B) to use the skills acquired through our training along with volunteers from our community to construct various models of mobile shelters for said homeless peoples to live in.

I would like to see a time where Screw Loose? would work with local high schools in construction of Skoolies, and work with The 34th Street Wholistic Community Garden teaching people how to grow their own food. I think that if we can pull together as a community, there is nothing we cannot accomplish.

We’re just getting started but I feel this is going to be a wonderful project that can bring quality service to the community and generate revenue for charitable works.